aftershock & alopecia


some lessons i learned during the aftershock of finding my first bald spot:

1. BREATHE. it's okay to feel terrified. i was. [i still am.]

2. the scary part, is the not knowing. accept that you don't know and won't know until a medical professional examines your head. contact a dermatologist as soon as possible to receive an examination. when my hair fell out, i immediately googled the possible reasons for isolated hair loss... i strongly advise AGAINST this... your mind will wander, and won't provide any accurate answers. instead, meet with a professional, and also schedule second opinions for accuracy.

3. Realize that you are NOT ALONE. if you do feel alone and are uncomfortable opening up to family and friends, then please do not hesitate to contact me [refer to the Contact page]! I will hold your hand through this, and provide as much advice as i can as i navigate this journey with you. 

Stay tuned...
xo, Clarisse