healthy living & alopecia journey

You are here to love yourself.
You are here to win the battle within your head.
You are here to accept yourself
fully and let the love flood in.

i'm approached on a somewhat daily basis by people inspired by my 90-pound weight loss.

yep- you read that right. 90 pound weight loss.

June 19th, 2013. that was the day i decided to make some changes in my life. my initial reasoning for making the change was the constant dialogue in my brain telling me that i was miserable and unhappy. that i was not enough. the initial decision to work on weight loss was more centered around the need for emotional happiness and to "feel good"; but, as time went on, this dedication morphed into obsession, and i spiraled out of control.

i'm sure you've seen those success stories, those "before and after" diet pics on instagram & facebook. you're looking at one right now on my blog. BUT, what if, despite losing weight, nothing really changed inside that woman's head when it came to how she felt about herself? is that really a success story?

but let us go back to the beginning of this journey.

i will share my weight loss tricks, but i refuse to promote the "tricks" that ignited a potential eating disorder and an enhanced toxic body image. by the fourth and final year of my weight loss "journey", i admit that i was absolutely TERRIFIED to eat veggies. 

yep- you read that right. i was absolutely terrified to eat VEGGIES.

at one point, i cut almost every morsel of food out of my diet. there were days where i'd eat nothing at all. i experienced panic attacks, fainting spells, nausea & the list goes on. here's my NUMBER ONE piece of advice [from personal experience]: cutting out certain foods from your diet DOES NOT WORK IN THE LONG RUN.

i am currently in the most painful and beautiful process of accepting and embracing food and embracing MYSELF. this is a long [painfully beautiful] process. the kick-start for this was, admittedly, the loss of two large patches of hair on my head. an intake of a balanced diet can control alopecia areata. for those of you who do NOT have the disease, a healthy diet promotes overall longevity of life and decreases anxiety. 
so, a few rules before i share some of my weight loss advice.

1. your weight does not define you- your mindset does. think about your body and how you treat it [with your thoughts, your words & your actions]. we've become so used to disconnecting ourselves from our body- we lug it around like a sack and do things without actually thinking. you need food to nourish and empower your body and mind. do not sacrifice a healthy mind-set in the pursuit of a "healthy" body. i tried that. the grass isn't always greener.

2. throw the rulebook away and connect/listen to your body- no amount of dieting or exercise will make you love yourself. you need to LISTEN to your body. if you are hungry, then eat. if you are tired, allow yourself to rest. do everything in moderation, treat your body as your most precious gift, because it is the greatest gift you'll ever have. your body is YOURS- embrace all the quirks and beauty of it. listen to your body.

When you decide to make some lifestyle changes, do not make the same mistakes I did... I truly believe the trigger for my alopecia resulted from poor nutrition, amplified by high anxiety. The health [physical and mindset] tips I provide in these posts are ones I use today, ones i continue & struggle to practice in order to reach a healthy and happy mindset.

Join me on a journey to live a happier, healthier life.

This is not all about the food or the fitness. This is about self-worth.

Don't take the "weight loss" journey, take the healthy living journey. Create a loving mindset. Embrace yourself. Take my hand and let's take this journey together!

Live a life of purpose. 

Stay tuned for some health tips & tricks!
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xo, Clarisse