healthy eating tricks & alopecia

healthy eating.jpg

the tricks that don’t work- starvation, cutting out food groups, binging, excessive exercise.

the trick that works:
eat everything in moderation [most times].

this takes a LOT of discipline, but don’t look at this like it’s a diet or regimen- this is a mindset change. allow yourself to embrace and enjoy food, but LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. this is a mindset i struggle with, constantly. 

in order to combat my anxiety and my autoimmune disease, i work on eating a balanced diet. i’ve developed a major fear of consuming carbohydrates [more on that later], but I strongly advise anyone looking to develop a healthy lifestyle to genuinely try eating smaller meals throughout the day. the past few months, i’ve tentatively added food groups back into my diet, despite my phobia of weight gain. i’ve gained only HEALTHY weight back, and honestly feel happier than i have in years…

here is a main a list of foods i tend to eat throughout the week [these foods make my body happy]:

eggs, poultry, red meat, fish, turkey, shellfish, veggies, VEGGIES, & MORE VEGGIES [all kinds, but my favorites are red & green peppers], greek yogurt, frozen yogurt, apples, peanut-butter, berries…

honestly, I do not eat too many carb-rich foods [yet]- this is a mental block i continue to struggle with. any support/advice is appreciated- support is what grounds me, and i hope my support can ground you, if you are struggling.

oftentimes, i allow stress and anxiety to take control over my food consumption. here’s the deal: food is not the problem, food is just a SYMPTOM to the problem.

sometimes i succeed in sitting down and enjoying some pizza and a beer with my friends. other times, i  fail. i spiral, binge and then starve myself for days. I punish myself, and in return, i harm my body, and my mind. what i am working on now [what i’ve BEEN working on], is a self-love mindset. sometimes, we want to eat that entire bucket of popcorn, and that’s totally OKAY. we are all human, and we need to make mistakes in order to learn, grow, and truly LIVE

i am not going to lie to you, my dear reader, and tell you that i don’t struggle. i struggle with food, every. single. day. sometimes, i stand infront of the mirror and completely pick myself apart- this is a battle that i someday hope to overcome & i hope you’ll join me, by sharing your stories & support.  i do hope that if you, dear reader, are struggling with body image, you find come comfort in knowing that you’re NOT ALONE
as human beings, we need to learn to embrace experiences, connect with our feelings/decisions, and move forward. 

Learn. Grow. Transform.

xo, Clarisse