mother knows best - health, hair & life lessons

this mother's day, i was sitting at my parents' house by the pool with my backwards baseball cap on. 

"take off the cap," my mom said. 

so i did.

underneath my cap was matted, thick, extremely curly hair, similar to that of a poodle.

"AWESOME, just BEAUTIFUL," my mom said. 

earlier this morning, i did a meditation on what a beautiful day yesterday was, and how much joy i felt in celebrating my mother. i thought about where i was this time, last year.

mothers day 2018.jpg

and i thought about where my mother was last year, holding my hand, steadfast.

as i meditate on my former self and look at who i have become, i realize how thankful i am for the guidance my mother provided me this past year.

here are some of mom's tidbits of wisdom:

1. every challenge is an opportunity to grow- be thankful for the chance to grow yourself and expand your perspective on life. every bump in the road is there for a reason, and if you are steadfast in your faith, you'll know that those bumps will make you a better version of yourself- you will forge through and overcome.

2. love yourself- love your brain, love your heart, love your body and NURTURE the parts of you that make YOU who YOU are- YOU are a unique and special individual, appreciate yourself because your body, heart, and mind are your own- you don't get anyone else's. Nurture yourself, teach yourself new skills, take time for self-care and exercise, get fresh air. 

3. stay thankful always- remain consistent in thankfulness every day, even on bad days when there's little hope and little happiness, because there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. the catalyst for contentment is GRATITUDE- when you feel things aren't going YOUR way, stop and think of what you are thankful for in your life. THIS IS NOT EASY. practicing gratitude is a mindset shift in a society that sometimes centers around instant gratification- we want things NOW (i am impatient daily, i wanted my hair back instantly and there's a lot of things i want right away...). practicing patience through thankfulness is not easy, but it has the power to transform your life if you take the time to grow in that mindset- create a new perspective for yourself, be patient with yourself. be thankful.

4. love- over the past year, i began to take an hour each morning (from 5-6 a.m.), to pray (yes, at five in the morning, i know you all think i am a crazy person, but i was crazy before i started doing this, ask my boyfriend Cory). i ask God to please keep my eyes open to see the inner goodness in every person i encounter. my mom has done this for years- she runs with our family dogs every morning, and prays the rosary, or just "talks" to God and asks to see the goodness in every person. THAT is LOVE. whether you sit and meditate, practice the art of yoga, or pray like i do (& it doesn't have to be at 5 a.m.), work on the ability to see goodness in every person, it can change your life. if you wish to be happy, focus your energy on the GOOD in people's hearts. it changes everything. 

my mother's tidbits of wisdom are endless and i am THANKFUL for her spirit and her sunshine, and i'm grateful for the other women in my life who inspire and challenge me to be the best version of myself, especially during times of turmoil and impatience. 

my challenge for you is to take some time today to sit down and think about the areas in your life where you're experiencing those "bumps" in the road- i challenge you to consider my mom's advice and start seeing life's challenges as opportunities to grow yourself- remember to be thankful for YOU (your beautiful heart, mind and body,) and for the people in your life who give you HOPE.

you are a unique and incredibly special individual. 

be patient with yourself.

most importantly,